February 16, 2010
Josh & Lexi
Have put an offer on a house ... we are praying if the Lord wills, He will open the door.
It goes to auction this Friday, so its cutting it close.  It's a SUPER DEAL for a great house in a great neighborhood.   Basically they will be paying 1/2 of what it sold for in 2006.  Which is awesome.
It doesn't need anything major -- the furnace works great -- but we don't know about the air conditioning because obviously it wasn't on!   It's a foreclosure, but someone put care and love into that house.

Josh has been a 'cheerful giver' to say the least, and the Lord is blessing them.

The back of the house backs up to a farm/field.  When you turn down the street its the last house in the cul de sac.   It has an odd layout, but it's perfect for them.  Please pray with us if the Lord wills, the door will open.   Thank you!

Dr. Shwaiki's office called me yesterday, how that man remembers what he does is amazing.  He wants to see me...so I go next Thursday.  Here I thought I had another month, but .... In Jesus Name all is well.

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Praying they get the house. it is very nice!

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