March 5, 2010
For some reason, it has been a particularly long week.  I have a work event tonight, and the overtime is helpful but I really don't want to work .... start at 0700 am and don't get home till about 9 or 930 pm.

One seriously LONG day.

Taking ALL the dogs to the vet tomorrow for shots .... Lexi and I are that is!  There's Sammy, Mini, Rocko and Cat.  Then Trixi and Shadow.   We are seriously taking two cars ... Sammy is a moose.

Pray for Lexi -- I knew the new office where she works would have some drama -- I worked there for a while and the top reason I LEFT.   I guess two ladies have been giving her a particular rough time.  Making her look like she doesn't know anything in front of customers, and constantly making sure she has customers -- when they really need to worry about themselves.   That kind of harassment is not fun.   She should probably call them on it -- but she has a quiet spirit -- her chain of command needs to take care of that.  It's miserable working in an environment like that -- and this is a government work environment -- there are regulations and laws governing this type of nonsense.  A simple, if you don't knock it off, then I'm writing you up should get their attention.   At our office, one man does that to one of the other ladies -- he never EVER says a kind word, its always a put down or a snotty answer, if he actually even does answer her.  I know he's been told, but they've never actually done anything ... and so it continues.  But like I told her, unless you do something and go higher, then don't complain.   I had one incident and it got ugly, but its not happened again.   I didn't back down -- and he ended up looking like a fool in front of a ton of people.  There is no way I am putting up with that on a daily basis.  So, keep her in your prayers that everything settles down.  She said she had a GREAT day yesterday ... and that's because the lady wasn't there.  {sigh} SAD.

Our driveway seriously needs some help .... ruts and mud.  I've called for some estimates, it needs to be done.  We've found if you let the little stuff go in the house, it turns into BIG things and then you have a nightmare of a house.  

Hub has one more week of work and then he's off to his new position!   He's a lot closer to home and is glad he can stop at the church for prayer before and/or after or even during lunch.   It's much easier to prayer at our church then home ... after Stephen graduates I hope to incooperate a trip there every morning, or start my walking in the morning (once things dry up!) and I pray as I go.  NO DISTRACTIONS.   =0) 

The doctor ordered an X-Ray, EKG on Wednesday -- and also a stress test.  I am waiting for the call to get that done.  I also start physical therapy on my arm on Tuesday.  It's been hurting pretty bad and limited in movement and strength.   Thankfully its right here at the local VA Medical Center, and the therapist is a certified lymphodema specialist.  No more  hour drives ...

Thanks for your prayers -- am praying whomever reads this has an awesome day!!  (and weekend!)

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