March 1, 2010
Menu Plan Monday -- 1 March 2010
Happy Monday!   {eyeroll}  So didn't want to go to work today ... when I am motivated to get things done at the house like this morning .... here I am at work.

Busy week this week, lots of things on the agenda.

The seller for the house, offered to pay  up to $2940. in closing costs.  How awesome is that?   God has been blessing my son.   He is a cheerful giver  -- at times puts me to shame, and those twice his age.  =)

Monday -- Baked Ziti, Salad and Bread   (mixed this up yesterday with some leftover pasta and sauce!)

Tuesday -- Bulgogi, Rice and Veggies

Wednesday -- Chicken Fried Rice and Leftovers

Thursday -- Chicken Cutlets, Some kind of Potatoes, Veggies

Friday -- Work Event ... so they will probably get fast food.  (Spring Food Fair!)

Saturday -- Homemade Pizza

Sunday -- Undecided ... I am craving Chinese Food!

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