March 9, 2010

This was taken of Bandit last night -- he was back up on his feet.   We checked him late at night and he was on his feet, this morning, not so.  It ended up being a cold and wet day here.  Not good for goats, especially ones that aren't well.   I found him laying in the rain -- Josh helped me wrap him in a blanket and we brought him inside.  Dried him off somewhat, put him near a heater and syringed some fluids down him.  
I thought he might be in pain -- I didn't want to be selfish and have him suffer, I asked the Lord to take him if he was.   Hub came home and went right to him, he died a little while later.  Safe in his daddy's arms.

Hub took it a little hard.  He went out and dug a hole to bury him. 
 (This is the FIRST goat he has done that for) 
 Josh and I wrapped him in the blanket very gently -- and hub put him to rest.

Sad day.  Glad he isn't hurting anymore.

But he will DEFINITELY be missed.
He was going to stay with us until he grew old.  

The rest of the ladies last night ... with a few boys thrown in the mix.

Hub took the dogs and went to bed. 

If you would, say a prayer for him, that his heart would be comforted.

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