May 23, 2008
Frual Friday -- Graduation Party/Party Favors

Our oldest son just graduated from "home school" High School -- we did use a Virtual School so that he would have an "official" Diploma. It wasn't always easy but by the grace of God, he is done!!

Three of the teenagers in our church were graduating and one of the moms came to me last year (May) and asked if we wanted to combine the parties, thereby saving us all money. Great idea! Handing over $20 a month from July wasn't so bad as dishing out $200 (or more) in one shot. (I don't plan ahead that well, but I am working on it!) We rented the local 4-H Building for $35 and had an Open House.

Things turned out really well I think -- we had a TON of food -- meatballs, chicken wings, cheese balls, crackers, chips and homemade salsa, lavosh rolls, a huge vegetable tray and fruit bowls, fruit dip and cake.

Each of the teens had their "own" table and own decorated cake. We used their school colors -- Josh and another both did the same virtual school so theirs were green and gold and W.D.'s were red and black. We bought the cakes at Costco -- they have a great deal for a HUGE cake - $15.99, plus you can have a yummy filling inside

I made my own party favors -- these were paid for ourselves and not out of the party money, so I tried to figure out how I could do them a little more inexpensively.

This is what I came up --

Of course, I purchased all my candy from CVS -- which was free and then printed my own Nugget Labels after looking at the cost on Ebay, I knew I could do it myself. It took a bit to make sure they were adjusted correctly, but they came out great. If you'd like the template, I will add it at the end, and just insert the picture for your gathering, and the words. These would be great for weddings, baby showers, birthdays -- anniversary parties, You name it, it would work. If you use CVS -- getting the candy there is a bonus. You do need a color printer -- but could possibly do these in black and white. I received a lot of compliments for my idea!

(click on the image to see it larger)

For more Frugal Ideas, visit Crystal at Biblicalwomanhood!

Blogger is being ornery -- so I will add the template a little later when it cooperates!



Great job there dear Michelle. I think they are more special because you made them.

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