April 24, 2008
Where has God been?

I have been struggling with many tooth issues lately -- it seems if I am not GOING for an appointment because my mouth is in pain -- I am LEAVING after routine care WITH pain. I had some cavities filled @ March 6th. I have pretty much been in constant pain since then. {sigh} I don't do teeth pain well at all. I tried calling Monday and asking if it could be an infection on the left side -- of course not, it doesn't travel to the other side. Funny that if you touch the left side of my neck its tender and sore. No infection, huh? I have antibiotics that I keep on hand that I am supposed to take prior to appointments but I have been taking them as my own diagnosis. I have to take them because of my elbow injury -- any one know if all these infections could be because of that?

I've been wondering where the Lord has been in the midst of all this physical pain -- setting aside the emotional pain that we are dealing with .... and I have come to realize He's been right by my side all this time. I just lay things at His feet ... and then I PICK THEM RIGHT BACK UP!

The Lord showed me something Sunday night -- I am thankful for that. I will share that later on when I have time (and energy!) to dedicate a full post to it. If we stop to think for just one second -- we can't but realize and see God's hand in everything in our lives.

It's still winter here in Kansas ... because I have yet to see Spring in full bloom, lots of grass turning green which has been a balm to our souls. It's been a long winter.

We've had a lot of rain this month and heavy winds -- aptly fitting in with the April Showers Bring May Flowers saying -- and we woke up to find a tree down in the front yard. I'm thankful it fell that way because our dog Chipper's pen and the HOUSE is the other direction!

A couple of nights later I was up around midnight (teeth!!) and saw that the basketball hoop (which has a HUGE tree stump and heavy bricks weighing it down) had fallen. Thankfully right between my car and my husband's truck. No car damage!

I'm thankful God kept His hand upon our property -- and we have no emergency house repairs to take care of.

I'm thankful we have completed Baby Step #1 -- working on #2 -- but won't see the end of that until 2009 -- unless the Lord fills the gap.

I'm thankful for my husband and children -- my friends and church family. Especially those who lift us up in prayer before the throne!

And as always, I am thankful for this community of bloggers who are an encouragement to me. Please be sure to visit Sting my Heart for more Thankful Thursday praises!



Blogger Tänia said...

WOW! God has been surely putting a hedge of protection around your home, hasn't He? I am thankful along with you!

Have a blessed day! Enjoyed your TT!

Tänia of www.weirblessed.com/faithprints

Blogger Tanja said...

Hi! I'm visiting other Thankful Thursday participants. I'm so glad you've escaped damage from the winds. I was born in Kansas, but we moved when I was still a baby. One day I'm going to get back and see it though. I have to ask... are your Baby Steps related to Financial Peace University? We're doing that right now. Have a great day!

Tooth pain can be the worst and I understand how frustrating it can be. It looks as if God has been protecting you with the downed tree and the basketball thing. I will pray for a healing touch on your mouth my dear sister/friend.

Isn't it great that we serve a God that is ALIVE and cares about our every need. I am sorry to hear about your tooth pain. I also think that is just about the worst. Please feel better.
Blessings to you

Blogger Denise said...

Bless your heart, sorry you have been hurting. I will be praying for you.

Blogger eph2810 said...

Wow - I am glad that the tree fell between your car/truck. I am so sorry that you are in such pain. I don't know - but toothaches are the worst. I do hope that you will feel better soon.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week, despite the pain.

Be blessed today and always...

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