April 14, 2008
In my office today, one of my co-workers and an officer from a country across the sea ... were having a discussion about the Championship Game between K*U and Memphis and as I sat there typing, I just listened.

I sat there listening to an obsessed K*U Fan -- talk about how awesome her team is, how they are the best, and she just knew in her heart they would win ... and all about the excitement and cheering, and spirit (read: worshipping) that was going on at the stadium last week. I felt saddened at how much of her life is wasted on a god that can do nothing for her. Her god is sports. As is many people today.

When she walked out, the officer and I had a little bit of words, I told him that I felt sad about how much people put into sports ... and he said, " How do you say this? Its like a religion to them." He doesn't know how much he hit the nail right smack on the head.

How so very very true, and how very, very sad.



It is sad. God wants us to have fun and enjoy things but not let it control us and become a god to us.

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