March 27, 2008
Thankful Thursday -- Breath
It's been a long while since I have posted a Thankful Thursday list ... I entered Iris's giveaway last week ... and it is refreshing to remember our blessings.
First and foremost I am thankful for my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ -- His ultimate sacrifices on our behalf. I'm thankful He is the judge of mankind and not fellow humans.

We had a Bible Study last night about teaching Bible Studies and helping to win lost souls to the Lord ... its so true that new babes in Christ need to be discipled -- I am thankful that the Lord sent a good family to help us in that regard -- I don't think we would have continued on with the care and nurturing they bestowed upon us. I do think that there are people who are not so new in the Lord that need nurturing and acceptance too -- people can do so much damage in their own personal quest to remain "righteous" -- its really a scary thought to be responsible for the damage to a soul.
... I'm thankful for my husband ... for working hard to support our family -- I'm sure he doesn't want to work all those hours -- but sometimes you just need to! I'm thankful he is willing to do whatever it takes in that regard. I believe the Lord blesses that! He's also great about making the bed each weekday morning, washing dishes and vacuuming!
... I'm thankful for my children -- the Lord blessed us with these -- we can do many things over (actually in regards to everything) but God has a special mission in life for each of them, and I am anxious to see what the Lord is going to do!
... I'm thankful that Spring is on the horizon, we had a teeny tiny taste of it and then it hid again! I've been able to walk a few days -- I seriously miss that! Although no baby goats yet ...
And as always, I am thankful for this community of bloggers who are an encouragement to me. Please be sure to visit Sting my Heart for more Thankful Thursday praises!



Blogger Denise said...

Beautiful thankful list sweetie.

Blogger Darlene said...

This is my first Thankful Thursday. I didn't even think to be thankful for my husband and all the hard work he does for our family. Thanks for reminding me. I will make sure I tell him when he gets home tonight.
Thanks for sharing and the reminder!

Blogger Lynn said...

So glad you joined in this week.

I loved this post. Much wisdom about the body of Christ.

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