March 14, 2008
Alive and Kicking!
We are all alive and kicking -- its been a while since last posting. (Seems to be the norm around here lately!) Time is always short -- and perhaps Kansas might start to see some Spring weather. Once the weather changes, I start walking again -- I missed that -- I usually skip out starting the end of January through most of March or so, because its just too cold. I need to get back on the band wagon again.

My poor hub has this horrid flu -- it said he felt better this morning, but he sure didn't sound better. My co-worker moved to her new job this week, and they were talking about waiting until July to get a replacement! Uh, hello we have a new 77 person class coming in June. I can handle everything except their in-processing. Should be interesting.

I've been struggling a little with my arm -- I went to the doctor this week, and he is concerned enough to want to do surgery again. Its just so tight and not getting any straighter -- so I go back in 6 weeks and we will decide. I don't relish the thought, but it has to get better than this! Then he even talked about removing the implant in a year or so ... ???

One of our mama goats is not doing well -- something is wrong with her feet so she is stalled with another. I think if she wasn't going to be a mama, hub would have put her down already. She may have 2 or 3 babies in there and that would be a major loss, not to mention, very, very sad.
Please drop a prayer heavenward for her -- God cares about them too!

I have to work this evening, at the Spring Food Fair. All the internationals bring a dish with cultural significance. Some I will not try -- I like to snow what I am eating! Glass noodles are yummy, as well as a dessert from Norway. It was at the Fall Food Fair and it was so good. Sadly the family they made it have already graduated and gone back home. I really just want a salad. I have been craving it lately -- I bought a big bag at Costco and put it in the mudroom fridge and it FROZE. What a waste -- so salad ingredients are on the grocery list for this weekend.

Here's some around the house photos, we just had snow, so it wasn't too long ago.

This is one of Mini's hanging out spots -- on top of the love seat close to the outside world.
(She also hangs out on the big chair (ON TOP -- LIKE A CAT!) So she can see out the french doors. She makes sure none of the cats get into the trash barrels. Its funny, but it is so true!

Spotting something moving out there! One day she was going a little nutso and there was an opossum out there, it was bigger than her. She was so NOT going out. Boy, did she raise a fuss.

That's Billy, always checking out if I have some snack for him. Some of the girls in the back ground. Frosty is the one on the back right. You can see her short ear where it froze off when she was a newborn kid and born in the winter.

I thought I put the photos of the goat stuck in the hay feeder but I must have missed them. I had to take photos so you can see how very stuck they get! I'll be sure and add them the next time. Here is some of the guineas -- we have 8 left! After some deaths and some killings by a dumb dog! They always go back to the pen at night -- but much prefer the light on. Their light bulb was out so they starting hanging out in the rafters of the barn, that was so NOT working (ugh ... a mess!) I made hub change the bulb last night -- sick or not. As soon as he turned it on -- they hopped into their pen. It was even still pretty light out. We want to raise some more from eggs, but they can be kind of mean to new guys. 6 of them gang up on what my hub calls "the rejects". They follow the other 6 during their wandering buts ALWAYS at a safe distance. Remember how tiny they were? They are pretty big now and ugly!! LOL!

Hopefully Spring is on the horizon, I need to remember to start my veggie plants!!! TTYS!



Well hello stranger! LOL! Love all the pictures! it is feeling a bit like spring here in Missouri!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello It is starting to feel like spring here in california also. Hope you get that arm fixed.

The Hernandez

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