April 10, 2008
April Showers ...
Its been a cold winter here in Kansas, and it looks like it is planning to be a wet Spring! Clouds do not help with satellite Internet at all ...

Here's a few freebies -- courtesy of Thrifty Florida Mama

O Magazines Annual Spring Tote and Samples giveaway begins today. Sign up here for a chance to win a fabulous prize package. 5,000 random winner will be chosen.

Free $5 off any purchase at Kohl's and 10% off any online Kohl's purchase. I signed up and received the coupon in my email within 24 hours. Kohls has really good sales, so $5 off will net you a good deal.

Free Reusable Shopping Bag from Earthbound Farms. Take the quiz and earn the free bag. Hint: when taking a multiple choice test, the longer the answer is compared to the others it is usually the correct answer!

Free Product from Bath and Body Works with any purchase. That's right you can buy the $.99 finger nail file and get the free $11 lotion. Print coupon here. Hurry it expires on the 12th.

Organic Product coupons. Go here to see the nearest place to you that has this $18 coupon packet. Or order one from 1-866-Igo-orga

McDonald's Spring Treat Coupons - From Monica:I discovered today that McDonald's has out some Spring Treat coupons for sale. $1 will buy 12 free coupons for various items such as ice cream, apple dippers, kid size drink, small fry, cookie, apple pie. These are intended for children 12 and under. Usually these coupons expire within 90 days. These, however, have an expiration date of 12/09. Sure wish I had kiddos under 12.

Starbucks: Gift Card Extras - From Carla: (sorry no link to give credit!)
I went to Starbucks today and discovered a deal they have going. If you have a current Starbucks gift card, you can go on-line to www.starbucks.com/card and register it.
By registering it you receive:-Syrup and milk options for your beverage are on the house.-Brewed coffee refills at no charge.-A complimentary beverage with your whole bean purchase.

Vlasic.com: Coupon
- From Mitzi If you go to http://www.vlasic.com/ and click on the "Crunch in the Fast Lane Sweepstakes" button, you can register and play the instant game and at the end is a link to a PDF coupon to print. It expires 31 Dec 08!!

Save on Old Orchard Juice - From Freebies 4 Mom:

Request a "Buy One Get One Free" coupon for Old Orchard's new Fruit Sense beverage. It sounds like they will mail it to you.
What else will Old Orchard mail you? Sign-up for Healthy Balance Membership and they will mail you six coupons for a total of $5 off their products

Frugal Journey Side note: We've been doing great on the debt area -- even though it has hurt (lol) -- they decided not to have hub work his day off and we actually could use him to keep working it for the rest of the year -- it will make a huge difference -- so drop a prayer heavenward that they will at least give him one day each pay period. CVS has been a huge blessing to us and coupon shopping (or in some cases -- no shopping and looking through the dark recesses of the freezer and pantry!!)



prayer going up! Ya know, sometimes the best things hurt a bit!

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