May 22, 2008
Thankful Thursday -- Provision

As always, first and foremost I am thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ, and His ultimate sacrifice for me. I know by scripture that He would have did what He did -- if it was just me -- although it is something I can't fathom.
I am thankful for His love, mercy and grace and listening ear! (I tend to whine a bit) (Ok, more than a bit ...)
I'm thankful for the hope I have thru Him -- when you don't have Hope you don't really have anything. That is when people give up. My hope and my trust are in Him -- it is what keeps me going.
I am thankful for my dear husband -- he really is an awesome man (plus he puts up with me!) , my children who are getting all grown up. Time really does fly, savor the moments my friends.
Our washer (which we bought in a yard sale in 2002 when we moved to Kansas) decided to quit -- water just would not go through to fill the tub. We imagine that it is clogged some where, although my husband tried, to no avail. Filling the washer took forever! We do have our emergency fund but I like having it, and didn't want to use it for a washer. When my husband said, what about that washer in the barn? Uh -- where did that come from? I guess someone was giving it away a while back (years?) and he took it. It works like a charm and the water fills up super fast. It is a huge blessing and give God the glory for it!



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