May 2, 2008
Frugal Fridays -- Cheese Bags

Cheese Bags, you ask?
Well that is what I have aptly named them. We usually purchase our cheese in bulk (5 lb bags) except if there is a super store sale. I measure 2 cups portions in Ziploc bags and place them in baggies and keep them in the freezer.
After throwing away (and wasting) numerous bags. I am just not a bag washer! I thought this would have to change. I did buy the bags from CVS - so in reality I didn't "pay" for them (or not much!)
So, I had a brilliant thought ...

Here is a photo of my full bag of cheese ready to be put on homemade pizza!
After using, I place the empty ... unclean ...gasp! back right in the freezer where it waits until I am low on cheese and need to fill them all back up again!
Probably a little lazy way to save on bags -- but I figure as long as they are in the freezer, any minor cheese crumbs will be just fine as they are kept frozen all the time. =) And I wish my freezer had that many full bags in there right now! This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago and there are more empy cheese bags than full ones! Everyone knows to just stick them back into the fridge and not throw them away.
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Blogger Niki said...

I always do this for my freezer bags! Hot dogs, veggies, you name it!

Good tip!


Blogger Michele said...

Great idea! :) Thanks!

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