April 29, 2008
Guess who we had as a visitor?
Before church service Sunday evening, Mini was out running around and since we were already late, we left her out side to fend for herself until we made it back home.

As we were coming up the driveway, I spotted what looked like a huge dog by the house. At first I thought it was Chipper. It wasn't. It most definitely WAS NOT.

My husband, said "That is no dog, that is a coyote!".


And then the questions abounded ... in a span of 3 seconds ... from me.

Do you think Mini is okay?

What about the goats?

Is that what got the missing guinea?

Where's Mini? Oh no!

And as we came around the little turn to park, it was still standing there. Totally unafraid of us.

My eyes peered through the darkness searching for Mini. I really was looking for something dead, but I spotted her hiding around the barbecue cover. She did not come meet us at the car.

I'm not sure how my husband ended up in the house and back out so quick, but as I opened my car door, at the sound of gun fire, I ducked! (It's automatic, after all I grew up in New York City, and I was (am) a Soldier, a Military Police Officer ... its inbred now.

The coyote had moved down to the clothes line but was still standing there watching -- he ran when the shots rang out. I'm not sure if he was hit or not ... not that a 22 would do much damage. If he's hungry and hurt, he will be back.

So for now ... we are being extra diligent with the animals ... there are baby kittens in the barn and guinea eggs laying around ... thankfully everyone is accounted for.

My husband thinks he was actually after the cats -- they were hiding in the bushes when we drove up, so we may have interrupted his dinner, or late snack.

In any case. I do not want to run into this guy AGAIN.

Especially at night, and especially without some sort of protection in my hands.

Our Visitor



Oh Michelle! that is so scary! Good for Mini and the kitties for hiding!

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