May 3, 2008
May CVS Deals -- Earned $22.04 in ECBs

Melinda and I decided to try the May deals early again this month, because by the end of the month our store has nothing. In a town of 40K -- there are about 5 die hard CVS-ers and we are 2 of them.

I did 5 transactions -- yes 5! The nice supervisor was working and she is one of the town's 5. We tried to get our totals to $15.00 or as close as possible, and I think we did a great job. Check out our deals in the spreadsheet.

I compiled my scenarios/transactions in a Google Spreadsheet for easier access and you are more than welcome to use our ideas.

Keep in mind I did have a few ECBs to roll over -- I like having smaller amounts of ECBs to roll than the large ones. My hub's card has two $20.00 ones that I need to mastermind. Should be interesting, since our store is pretty much out of May deals already. But you can absolutely roll your first transaction ECBs into the second and so on. Just switch around which ones you do first.

I paid $2.32 OOP -- although that came from a CVS Gift Card -- so actually I paid nothing and gained about $75.03 in product. Much of these items, our family can use.

The sunflowers seeds, crackers and one Orapik are missing from the photos.



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does it take a long time for the spreadsheet to upload? I can't see it. : (

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