August 30, 2010
Menu Plan Monday ... 30 August 2010

Cereal isn't going to cut it anymore, I don't like cereal for breakfast but I do not mind it for dinner.
Rice Krispies with strawberries and skim milk=Yum!
(Hub doesn't agree, but the boys never minded)

Would you believe school hasn't started for Leavenworth yet?   School remodeling and building weren't completed on time ... 7 September is the day!

Here's some meals I can make/or want to make, but at least if I have options, its easier.  Hub doesn't get home till 8pm and I can't eat that late.

Grilled Cajun Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

Salad and Veggies and Fruit (always on the plates now)

Grilled Turkey Sandwiches with Tomatoes (made this for hub last week, he really liked it.  Of course it had bacon in his ... anything with bacon is good!)  (Like a Panini, but I don't have one of those grills!)

Chicken Spaghetti

Naan Pizza on the Grill  (using Naan flat breads to make pizza on grill)  Not sure about doing my own dough on there yet!)

Vegetable Bean Soup with Spinach (it is gets cold!)

Lemon Pepper Tilapia

Hamburger Special with Orzo (hub really likes this -- and has asked for it!)

I've been craving Buffalo Chicken .... so will probably make that one night. 

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I just don't much like cereal at all although I do eat it when I eat breakfast at all!

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