April 22, 2010
Sad Day....

Tonganoxie High School -- lost one of their Seniors last night.   They lost Jeremy a few months back and a teacher as well.   That's three just this school year.

Connor Olson, Tonganoxie student who bravely battled cancer, dies at 18 

Please remember their family in prayer -- he has younger siblings as well.

Stephen said school was like a tomb.  They had the Chieftain room ready for students to come and talk and get help that they needed.  They were at the school last night after he passed away ... he was a tough kid. 

Please say some prayers for Stephen -- Connor was his bestest buddy for most of junior high -- but drifted apart in high school.  Doesn't make the hurt any less.

Then Sarai called me and asked me when my next scan was.  Uh, in May.  Scheduled for another PET Scan.
I guess she had a dream.  It has really been a totally stinky day.  Pray for a cure for this terrible, terrible disease.

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Always know you have all the prayers you ever need from me.

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Our prayers are with you!

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