May 30, 2010
In honor of The Moo.... 3 Mar 2007 - 30 May 2010 R.I.P. Faithful Friend

Hey Mom! Look what I brought home ..
Mini has grown up with cats -- she must think she is one!

She's waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, reunited with her buddy Taco.
Josh is heartbroken over the loss of his beloved friend.
Drop a prayer or two for him, would ya?

Took the towel off the couch that she laid on ... was doing fine until then. 
Missing them today.

Stephen was right, life would be easier if your pets died after you ... <3  <3  <3

Rest In Peace ... you were loved ...

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She is just so precious! I am glad to see some new pictures of her. Lovely of her to bring you that yummy bird! GAG! Katie brings Jack grasshoppers

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