August 11, 2010
Sometimes silence is a good thing. 

I'm alive.  I realized my blog is read but some who I would prefer did not read it.  I knew this but when the times get tough or frustrating -- I normally let my feelings flow freely here as a release.  

We are going to be grandparents!   While a little earlier than anyone expected or planned -- God is in full control and always has been.  I can already hear the judgers about it -- I guess they know God's plans better than He does....

Struggling a bit at work.  To say it is no longer a joy to go to the office every day is an understatement.
They have decided to make some changes -- all in the name of what, is beyond me.   We'll see what comes next ...God always does things way better than we can anyway... we shall see.

Headed to see the surgeon shortly -- and I need to make a decision on that.   I guess I could wait but I need a break from this place and wonder if it will be worth the pain ???

Life is going on -- another new season of life .... but not a horrific one -- just changes. 

Made some new friends.

Heading east in the fall for a visit with old and new friends -- and perhaps hitting the Pacific Northwest in the Spring.  Something to look forward to .... then a new baby.  I hope they keep it a secret, its more funner that way.  

That baby is going to be SPOILED ROTTEN.  Plus he/she will have a handful of grandmas.  I know how to be a great grandma, I had a good example .... my mom.



Oh yippee! So glad about the baby on the way! bet the parents are sooo happy too. Ready to be a grandma? Gentle, loving huggles, sister.

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