July 15, 2007
A few prayer requests ...
We were gone this past week to a Youth Conference in Akron, Ohio. I really felt that the Lord wanted our boys to go. That they needed to go. Awesome preaching and great fellowship. Both boys said they wanted to go back next year. I'm thrilled about that.

Everything was quiet -- standing on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower, my cell phone rings. My brother. At home. Mini broke her leg. This girl when she does things, she does them well. Its broke at the joint at the top. The elbow? She will have to have surgery. Please pray for the Lord to touch her, and our finances to endure this expense. She is home -- but isn't doing too well. In pain, and the vet gave her a shot which she has had an allergic reaction to. Poor mite. She's swollen up. God does things so much better than people. I asked my husband to anoint her with oil and prayer for her. We did and I am believing God.

Sarai is sick again -- please pray for her. She really needs a touch from the Lord.

Please pray for Mei-Ling -- she's doing better -- but prayer is needed for other medical issues. She's adorable, isn't she?

My husband is a Craig's list junkie -- and just saw an ad from the people we sold the horses too -- THEY ARE SELLING THEM! We are in shock -- we so wanted a good home for them, and thought that is where they were. Please pray for my babies. I'm so sad for them.

Its been a bit of an overwhelming day -- the enemy is angry -- but I am going to rejoice and believe the Lord for good things -- miracles and blessings around!



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