July 15, 2007
By the grace of God ...
... it is never more truer than when you see the hand of God and know that your life was spared.

We were travelling home from Ohio this morning on I-80 near Newton, Iowa when an SUV one lane over swerved a bit and seeing another car (the one directly in front of us) jerked her wheel back -- totally lost control of the vehicle -- shot back over to our lane and rolled over and over across the median onto the east bound lanes. My husband had to change lanes quickly to the right lane to avoid hitting the car. It was horrible. My son said he never wanted to see anything like that again. We cried out as one to the Lord.

Please pray for this family today -- I don't know them -- but they made eternity so much closer.
Two of the children died at the scene. You can read the story here. Its not accurate, she did not try to pass a tractor trailer -- it was just a small car. We wondered if she fell asleep - or maybe had spilled something. I do know, they need our prayers, will you join me?



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