July 9, 2007
A Blessing in Return
It's been a rough week -- things in turmoil in our home -- I welcomed the break away from most of my family on Saturday. I think I needed it, and so did they.

This morning, when I was checking email, lo and behold -- to my total surprise, there was an email from Iris of Sting My Heart and my favorite "Thankful Thursday"

I am the blessed recipient of "the purse!"

How absolutely totally cool is that?

And notice the scripture -- it is most fitting at this season of my life. Thanks Iris!!

P. S. You can also purchase one of these -- visit Leigh Gray at Speaking thru Me.



Blogger eph2810 said...

Michelle, I hope and pray that this purse will be a blessing to you :)
I also pray that this week will be much better for you.
In His love,
<>< Iris

Blogger Leigh Gray said...

Congrats - hope you enjoy it!!!


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