July 7, 2007
Our 7-7-07 Day!

Honestly, our Saturday morning didn't start out too great. There has been quite a bit of turmoil in our home lately -- but God is on the throne. I believe that. I have to. Its my lifeline.

I ran a couple of errands alone .. Dillons and Aldi -- as I was craving a huge salad filled with veggies and we needed milk ... we always seem to need milk.
Stephen and I went to watch a co-worker ride a Nextel Cup Car with the Andretti Gordon driving school. She is a huge Nascar fan -- so this is right up her alley. I have tried to be a light to her -- and she emailed and asked if I would come a few times over the last few weeks, and called me today. I needed a break from my house, so dragged Stephen with me. He really did not want to go but his brother was working, so I didn't give him a choice.

It was hot! We went last year when she road in another kind of driving thingy. The boys wanted to do it -- and we thought about that for a birthday gift, but hadn't done it. We waited and watched and I decided that I would bless my son with a ride, if they would let us. I called my husband and he said it was fine. Its already been a long summer for the boy -- and I thought I would bless him. This will be a small sacrifice for us -- but the joy it brought him was well worth it.

Here's some photo and highlights.

We did receive an extra special blessing because his car ran out of gas on the other side of the track! I guess it paid being last. They coasted back to our side, pulled him out and he jumped in another car. He had been on his third lap -- so he was blessed with 2 more laps. And the second driver gave him a faster ride. Speeds were up to 180 mph!

He said it was awesome! When he got out he shook fists with the driver -- I wish I had captured that photo!



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