March 7, 2007
Tackle it Tuesday -- My First
Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This is my first Tackle it Tuesday post ... I actually did get this done on Tuesday, but didn't have time to post until Wednesday morning! I have been looking and looking at my bedroom and started working on some of the drawers a few weeks ago. Mainly my "unmentionables" -- and that drawer was organized with shoe boxes. I wear dresses 24/7, so I have underclothes, top things, (in case that word decides to show up in a search!), slips, socks, and pantyhose, plus under shirt type things and my drawer isn't that big, so I wanted to fit them all in there and I did.

But anyway, I attacked two other drawers ... I have a bag full of shirts to give away, and still have too many. And then I worked on this:

Lovely isn't it? We live in an older farmhouse, and are in the process of remodeling -- but my closet does NOT have doors ... we do have a HUGE walk in closet and I have a lot of clothes in there too, and hubby keeps all his in there. I usually swap out winter and summer dresses and hang those in there.

Here is the finished results: (and it actually only took me about an hour and a half)

I still need to hang the stack of curtains that is on the top shelf ... but first I need to paint. All the trim is done, but its been so cold that it hasn't happened. The orange basket is actually the dry cleaning basket. I work on a military installation and dry cleaning is inexpensive. (I don't use the one at the PX). Hub's shirts are only $1.00. Since he wears a shirt and tie EVERY SINGLE DAY ... its more manageable to get them done by someone other than me! Plus he does actually wears them twice, so we get our moneys' worth.

I was hoping hubby would notice, but if he did he didn't say anything! Of course, if I did his closet, he would notice that.



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