March 1, 2007
Life is so Precious
My daughter Sarai came home looking like the world had fallen apart.

For her it did a little bit yesterday.

She works for a health insurance company in the prescription/mail order area and during lunch in the break room, one of her packers, Georgia acted like she was choking. Then she turned blue. They attempted to do the Heimlich thinking that food was stuck. They called 911. But it was too late. The EMT's think she had a stroke. She was in great physical shape, even ran daily. She always brought treats and told Sarai to listen to her Mom!

She left this world in the blink of any eye.

She was 42 years old. I am 41. My husband is 47.

She was a single parent and is leaving behind a son.

My heart aches quite a bit today, please pray for her son. Please pray for Sarai. She went to work today but going in that room is going to bring it all back. They had grief counselors come in right away, but you know ... our hope is in the Lord.

He is the only true Comforter and sustainer of Life.

I'm reminded today, that Life is so very, very precious. I take it for granted.

I need to be sure all my affairs are in order.
We have 3 teenagers ... I know that God will ultimately be there for them should my husband or I leave this world before we think we should die, but ... not that we'll know after, but we do need to make sure NOW that all is in order for them.

Hug your loved ones EVERYDAY. Let them know you love them EVERYDAY.

Get your affairs in order. That's one less worry and go enjoy the life the Lord has blessed you with.

God Bless!

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