February 19, 2007
Silly, I know!

But .. I have comments!! Laughing and giddy with joy!!

This made my day!! {big grin}

Ladies, you will never know what you did for me today.

Thank you!!

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Blogger annie said...

Thank you for your prayers!

Blogger Grana said...

I have tried to comment with you before and it didn't work so maybe this time I can. I find you through Joel's blog. When we lived in Okla. we went to church with them and loved their family. I started my blog because of yours and I still am working on it. We now live in KCMO and I noticed you were in Tonganoxie which I have no idea where that is except that it looks close on the weather report on TV! I love your new look on the blog and would like any info you can provide. I am going to the Apple store for classes to learn how to use my computer! That's slow going! I hope to hear from you!

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