February 14, 2007
Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day!

Today is doubly special, as my husband made his debut on this date about 40+ years ago! And I am so glad he did.

Sometimes (...entirely too many) I don't appreciate him enough.

I tend to let past hurts rule future happiness, and while its easier said than done -- we all really need to let things go. I guess its easier to wallow in self-pity than be stronger and let things go.

In any case ... Happy Birthday Babe, I love you!!

P.S. Changed my blog ... what do you think? Although I have not figured out how to change the links on the side yet ... not enough HTML knowledge, need to ask my son! And found that no one could post comments ... not sure how that block got checked. {sigh} Please do post a comment ... I know people look ... but a comment would be appreciated!

P.S.S. Since it is my dh's birthday on Valentine's Day, I prefer to let it be HIS day. But my daughter and son came to work today bearing gifts. They didn't have to. But it was so very nice. I recieved tulips (I've wanted some since seeing at Ali's blog!!) and a Rose and a gift card to the ... Panera Bread! Yum! A blessed day ... and I even got some kisses and hugs. Will share photos tomorrow .... its birthday day today!!



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Happy Valentine's Day.

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