January 17, 2007
That's what the temperature was! Brrrr!

We were enjoying the nice winter we were having with temperatures in the 50s and even 60s occasionally. Well winter is here with a frenzy! One of the hardest things about having animals is keeping them watered. Their water is rock solid.

Not alot going on at the home front ... trying to organize and purge ... and stay warm!!

I had a medical procedure done on my eye yesterday ... {why, is beyond me?} I'm still struggling with it today and am not feeling the best. I really need the Lord to touch me today.

On another note ... Stephen's poem was selected to be published! He's pretty excited. I didn't realize how much he missed his grandma till I saw it yesterday. He also mentions his little friend - Joanna in it. Cute. I'll share it soon.

Happy Wednesday!!



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