January 12, 2007
The Ugly Bathroom
I don't have a great photo of the bathroom BEFORE the budget remodeling project has happened ... let's just say it was beyond ugly. LOL! Hated it. I guess I should have taken one. Josh took all the ones of the "construction". I need to scrap it.

You can see the old "vanity" {if you want to call it that?} Circa 1970.

I have this photo of Josh when he first put a razor to his face and maybe you can see some of the ugly bathroom in the back ground .... like the window curtain in the shower area? Blucky.

When we go over who does what chores periodically -- no one EVER wanted the bathroom. Sarai had it before she went to college, and then when she was back -- she volunteered for ANYTHING but that! LOL! Dad had it while she was gone and then Stephen ended up with it. It's time to change the chores again ... I might pick it, but we'll probably argue over it. It's not too bad to clean now.



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