January 2, 2007
My first post of 2007 ... I'm excited about the beginning of a new year.

It signifies to me a new start ... I guess every day is considered a new beginning, or even the next moment -- but for me ... a new year is a definite new beginning.

We spent the last day in church for the morning and evening service -- and our evening service was awesome! I think the Lord gave us a taste of what 2007 will be like for the church.


P.S. I just somehow "knew" that my bathroom would not be completed in 2006. Husband is out at Home Depot getting more paint rollers ... {sigh}

Its 3:59 pm on 2 Jan 07 ... shall we wager how much longer before the room is actually done? LOL!

Stephen would say 2008 ... LOL!

It is coming along ... albeit a tad slowly!

Back to organizing ... and purging~!

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