December 21, 2006
3 days til Christmas?
{sigh} Where did the time go?

I am off work tomorrow which is a very good thing!

I have much to do!

Just when I think I am ahead, I feel I am just beginning ...

Cookies are on my agenda for this afternoon & evening. (and play and skit practice!)
What kind are you making? Here's my list ...

Winkler's Cookies
Chocolate Covered Cherry {for the dh!}
Toffee Crackers
White Chocolate Macadamia

Already made ...

Chocolate Chip
Ranger Cookies
Sugar Cookies

P.S. If you are reading and live in my city ... leave a comment and I'll bring you a treat!
I have been searching high and low for my mom's sugar cookie recipe and I think I found it!!



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