December 10, 2006
Gotta love my dh! Since starting this new position, which he thought would give him more time off ... (has been seriously NOT the case!!)
He took vacation for a 6 days this past week and has been re-doing the bathroom. He also had to travel to get hay for the horses ... and then the trailer got a flat! Brand new tires! {sigh}

He has collected items over the last year ... a shower for $10.00; a vanity and mirror set for next to nothing; toilet etc. And he started this Wednesday.

Keep in mind, our house only has 1 {yup, one!} bathroom ... its been interesting.

I was thankful for a real shower this morning. {sigh of pleasure}

Josh has been helping him and there have been some late, late nights ... mornings? Its coming along ... slowly. He goes back to work Tuesday morning and I have decided I will just wait and see what is done Monday night before I start stressing! LOL!

This week promises to be busy ... out processing at work for our International Students; badge ceremony rehearsal and the ceremony for them; and then graduation on Friday and the Christmas Hall Party at the college, and trying to cook for these get togethers -- ? ? Saturday is our church's annual Christmas dinner. In between all this is 40 hours of work, 10 hours of commuting, church Weds night, peanut brittle making Thursday night; play and skit practice Friday ... shopping and to write out the cards and newsletter and finish up some projects ... and make a Kansas City run prove interesting.

Did I mention the white dust covering most of the downstairs? {sigh}

We may just have a white Christmas at the Crook house this year!!

Its all good, right?

Will post the finished results ... hopefully in 2006!

Here's the shell.



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