October 24, 2006
Good Shepherd Training Academy
We were notified on Wednesday evening that all the Sunday School teachers needed to perform for a Talent Show on Sunday morning and the kids were going to vote for the best performance!

Triple Ugh! I am a "behind the scenes" person! But, I am also kind of competitive and figured if I was going to make a fool out of myself, I wanted to win!!

After much debate ... I was originally going to pose as a Chef and pretend to cook something zany, but couldn't find the items I wanted. (rubber chicken, etc.) I also planned on having some treats to share in order to solicit votes!!

So, dh and I decided to work together. (I was originally going to leave him on his own!!)

One teacher did a poem from Shel Silverstein ... it was great. One lip synced with some volunteers from the audience, and one (which I thought was by far the best!) wrapped her son in a sheet, then wrapped herself and covered her head with one, and then sat him on her lap and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He got a tad messy and had to taste it, and she forgot the bread so she used her hands! She did a lot of hand motions with her hands and was a bit dramatic in the making. Enjoyed that!!

I was the Master Canine Trainer for the Good Shepard Dog Training Academy. And of course he was my Honor Dog Graduate! My talent was to train the untrainable!

I set up some stuffed animals ... and did tricks with them first while he was hiding in a classroom.
Of course Fluffy, after only one lesson could obey the command Stay! LOL!

We had fishing line on one and he performed "Come" really well.

The other stuffed ones did rollover, and played dead. Some of my little friends at church brought in their stuffed dogs for me. Love those little people!!

Then "Ruff" was introduced! He slurped water out of the bowl, got a little stubborn when I didn't give him a dog biscuit. I mentioned to the kids that he had been there a LONG time, and giving him a treat made him obey better. At one point he refused to obey, and a little voice rang out "Give him a dog biscuit!" It was so cute and sweet!

I asked him to "Shake" and he shook his whole body. Then I said, "No Ruff, Shake Hands!" We shook and then did one of those shakes where we gripped hands, touched elbows and all that "groovy" hand shake stuff. The kids laughed and laughed!!

The ending trick was him rolling over, and then playing dead. But when he wouldn't get up, I started asking the kids, what happened to him, what do I do??? Ruff, are you alive?? Then I said heroically "I know. HEAL Ruff" And he jumped up and laid hands on me and was alive. LOL! (We were in church after all!) They thought that was a hoot.

And ...

of course ...

we won!!



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