September 26, 2006
Other News on the Homefront ...
Josh is now a working "man" -- our local Sears decided not to renew their lease and they are closing down. As soon as Josh turned 16 he applied. They hired him on the spot. He has been working about a month with only 2 weeks or so left. But -- it will look good on future applications, instead of no work experience. Its been interesting. He really likes it -- he is in the electronics deparment -- which is exactly "his" thing. (Bet he likes the paycheck too!)

Sarai is back in school full-time and in full gear. She also ended up finding a job with United Health Group and is now a registered Pharmacy Technician. Not sure where she plans on going with schooling ... still undecided .. but its all good experience.

Stephen is in 9th grade this year ... currently at the Junior High still but the new Middle School is almost complete and during Winter Break the move takes place. He will then "officially" be in high school. Junior High here in Tongie has always been grade 7 through 9. He got stuck with Debate and was NOT happy at all, but the Asst Principal told him to give it a try -- and he has eneded up liking it. He, of course, is still in Band. Starting out really well. He struggles with paying attention and gets bored easily which doesn't make for a good combination in a class room setting. Keep him in prayer if you would!!

Horses doing okay.

Sam and Cowboy enjoying life in the Goat Pen!

Chipper walks with me every morning on my walk/prayer time. Its pretty dark out there now at 530 am, so I am thankful for him with all the wildlife around our house.

and ... (ugh) ... a dozen cats. Rabbits have absolutely NOTHING on cats. LOL! The latest batch was lessened due to nature but the remaining ones already love people. Their mom put them in the boat to keep them safe ... not sure HOW she got them up there but they are there!

Roy and I are teaching the teenage boys in Sunday School this quarter. Its been a lot of fun so far. (at least we think so!) We have a great bunch of young men. Pray for us that we can be a blessing and encouragement to them.



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