November 1, 2006
In Honor
Our town lost one of its own in Iraq this past week.

He was buried on Fort Leavenworth, where I am employed and we were asked to come out and stand on the sidewalks to show our support. It was an honor.

It was a very cold morning, but the streets were lined, many places were two or three deep with people, and so many Soldiers. American Flags blowing in the wind. An entire Junior High school of students came out.

I don't think I will EVER forget a few things ...

1. When we saw the procession coming, the absolute, complete, utter silence.

2. The lead police officer frantically wiping the tears running down his cheeks.

3. The deep sadness that many choose NOT to support our Soldiers. We have freedom because of them ... some give little, some give none, and some give ALL.



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