December 3, 2006
I have definitely been a blog slacker ... lots going on in life lately!

Roy was selected as the Supervisor of the Rosedale Station in KC -- and what we "thought" would be a 8-4 day with 2 days off a week ... well needless to say that has NOT been the case.

I was selected to be a Program Assistant with the International Military Student Division at the college on post ... no more 700am-330 days there either ... but evening stuff is usually fun stuff. We have @ 90 officers representing about 75 countries. I "HATED" it the first 2 weeks and regretted moving there, but now I'm glad I did. I've been learning alot ... Although I am still looking for a promotion ...

Sarai is working and going to college full time ... she's doing great and has more energy than me!

Josh is a Junior this year ... driving ... {ugh} and trying to figure a way to get to Australia in June ... anyone know of any corporate sponsors?

Stephen is a Freshman this year ... doing well in school ... still in Band ... was asked to be in the Jazz Band by the band teacher and is headed to Memphis, Tenn this month to play at the Liberty Bowl. He's pretty excited they will be stopping by Graceland so he can get something for his dad.

Hay ... our local supplier is OUT. We have always gotten hay through them the entire winter! People from the south have been coming north and buying it up ... {sigh} I've been praying for some ... this is a NEED. Will you help me pray? Our horses and goats will thank you!!

Lots to do this month ... but I am actually ahead of the game this year ... presents pretty much done. I have a few homemade gifts I am working on and should have those done this week. I wasn't in the mood last year because it was the first Christmas and Birthday without my mom. I think in all my 39 years with her, we may have been apart 2 ... and that was because of the military ... it may even be just one. {if that} My dh and kids made my birthday last year extra special and I am so thankful for them! I am blessed. {even though I forget that in the struggles of living with 3 teenagers!} I miss the big family get togethers I had as a kid growing up in New York.

Its cold out there this morning, and I need to get in gear ... and make a list of all I need to do!!

One goal for 2007 -- get better organized!!

Have a great Sunday ... hope you spend some of it with the Lord!!



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