December 15, 2006
9 Days til' Christmas!
Are you ready? I have a few more gifts to buy and complete, and still need to mail Christmas cards. I made my own this year and they are done, but not addressed!

It has been a seriously busy and full week.

Monday evening (after a full day of work) Roy and I went to Kansas City to get some things needed for the bathroom and a Sam's stop.

Stephen had his
Liberty Bowl show at the school at 7:30pm -- so we rushed straight there after the stores. The band did such a super job! Stephen is directly in the front and is solo. {will post some photos, as soon as I get them off the camera!} His band teacher also asked him last month to be on the Jazz Team so he gets to do extra stuff in Memphis.

Tuesday -- aside from work -- lots of things to catch up with at the house. I made 4 pans of Baked Ziti. One for the Christmas Dinner on Saturday evening and the rest for the freezer. I still have a huge pot of sauce in the fridge and hope to make up more freeze ahead meals with that. Roy still working on the bathroom until the late hours ... (not done!)

-- we have Bible Study. Home about 1030.

Thursday -- The students' Badge Ceremony was in the morning. After work, I went home to clean up a bit and get dinner for the family. At 530pm, I went to the church and helped with the Peanut Brittle making. We ended up with 120 bags ... 240 pans of candy. Made it home about 1130pm and then had to make my dessert for the Hall Party at the college today. Went to bed sometime Friday am! {ugh}

**On a side note -- I decided to wait until I got home to use the restroom, because face it, it was already 11pm, I was tired and still had a 25 minute drive home! I just wanted to get there. Drove up to the house and low and behold and on the deck ... there were 2 (yes TWO!) toilets! That meant that the new one was not in its proper place ... walked in and my first words did not go over well. Uh, dear I didn't use the restroom at the church. Him; You should have! and he slammed the door. Things did not look promising. Apparently he and Josh had been struggling the entire evening and making trips back into town to get the right parts to get the toilet seated correctly. I guess its not a standard size. {sigh}

Today! -- I am beyond tired today! Graduation for the students and the Hall Christmas Party and Door Decoration judging! We made a 3-D snowman. I'll post a photo of him tonight. He came out super. After work, Saturday jobs -- (meaning major weekly cleaning!) then on to church for Prayer and Christmas Play practice after ... hoping to be asleep before midnight! I have to prep my potatoes and bake a cake for tomorrow's dinner. I am hoping to get to Kansas City to return some items and pick up a few things.
If my car cooperates ... but that's a whole other story!!


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