December 24, 2006
Merry Christmas Eve!!
Its become somewhat of a tradtion to eat Chinese Food on Christmas Eve.
While growing up we always had fish and an italian spaghetti dish (which I won't even begin to spell!) -- basically it had garlic, anchovies and water that made up the sauce -- (don't worry the anchovies disenegrated!) but as my mom got older -- we made our own. She enjoyed this just as well. She isn't with us any more -- but my kids say this is a must thing to do.

So we are headed out shortly to eat.

Cookies done -- I tried a new sugar cookie today made by a sister in our church and it is a keeper! Need to get the recipe and make a bunch! Yummy stuff!!

I'll post photos of our Christmas Play -- the teen boys did great on their skit performances! I'm pretty proud of all of them. We are blessed to know them!

I'm excited about Christmas {finally} and my birthday tomorrow ... even if I am a year older!



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