January 13, 2007
The Unveiling ....
Here's some peeks of the bathroom -- we still have to paint the shelves in the cabinet the baskets are on. My dh wants to get "real" doors -- he just painted the old ones that were on there. The middle area will stay open.

Remember this ia our Acme 101 bathroom -- trying and succeeding in cutting costs and getting items on clearance. We did have to dish out for the floor tile and the new sheet rock -- but figured if we did it - it needed to be done right. It took a while to save it all up!!

The shower curtain was found at Wal-Mart. Love the colors in there. Makes me anxious to add some color to the rest of the house. We need to find a shelf or cabinet to put on the wall opposite the toilet and vanity. We have seen ones we like but they don't come in that dark - walnut type color. Thinking about buying one bare and painting it ourselves. (well, dh will paint it!!) LOL!

Here's some of the blessing ... the vanity, sink and mirror were $18.00. Total.

The surround shower thingy was $10.00
New toilet -- $10.00
Heater/exhaust fan/light -- on ebay ... not sure how much but cheap!

They have been collecting in our barn for about a year ...

This house is not our retirement house but rather one where we will make a profit on and use it on the house we most likely will stay in for the rest of our lives. It was a great deal -- but also needs a lot of remodeling. Mainly -- eye sores. Ugly stuff -- and sheet-rock.

Need to find some type of towel holder for the sink ... short on space and ditch the pink soap for a matching color! The pink does smell good. Guess who picked that one out? Also something for the toilet paper ... Sarai and I like the one that sits on the floor but her dad thinks it will constantly tip over. Like this.

That tan basket on the toilet is finding its way to a new home ... need a darker one.



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