January 22, 2007
7 in '07
My 7 Goals for 2007

It does sound better than resolutions, doesn't it? (these are not in any particular order!)

This year has been off to an "interesting" start ...

1. Have a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Lose weight and eat healthier: I lost 12 pounds the last part of 2006 and really would like to do that the first part of 2007!

3. Learn Photoshop: I know if I can just get the time to sit and work with it, I can actually learn something on there!

4. Learn to use my camera; The first thing I need to do is Read the Manual!!

5. Spend more quality time with family. I usually am "going, going, going"

6. Curb purchases. Period.

7. Keep better contact with far away friends and family.



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