March 2, 2007
We had a kitchen full of cooks last night! After work on Thursday, I usually try and run errands before I head home. My work day ends at 330 ... I made it home about 545pm!

There is an Anniversary Service at our church this evening, plus a Spring Food Fair at work ... and I am required to work. Two co-workers are TDY, so off I go ... I had to make a Chocolate cake for the dinner at church plus something for the food fair. Hence the craziness in the kitchen!

I am not a big fan of chocolate cake and decided making them (I made 2!) is a huge mess!

In the midst of making dinner ... (that chicken is yummy!) chicken, whole grain Spanish rice (good stuff!); a pasta salad (for the fair); corn and homemade whole grain tortillas ... I was making the cakes.

I made an Almond Joy Cake (really a Mounds cake because I had no almonds...) (if you want the recipe, let me know, it does look yummy!); a Midnight Chocolate Cake while Josh was cooking the tortillas and my husband and I were sharing rolling them out! I've gotten better since my last try.

The floor was a mess! I ended up having to sweep and mop. It was fun ... but boy the dishes were piled up. Poor Sarai ... whose job it is to put them all away in the morning!

I told the kids that I really needed a Tortilla Press! Hint, hint!

God is good!

Edited: Regarding last post ... they apparently continued to revive Georgia on the way to the hospital and at the ER. They were about to pronounce her dead, when one of the docs decided No, let's not give up. She was without a heart beat for 45 minutes! She did have food stuck but it was so far down that only jabbing a tube down her throat dislodged it. She is ALIVE! In ICU, in critical condition, but ALIVE. Please pray for her ... that she will be restored. My daughter and co-workers were praying in that break room Wednesday. What a witness to what the Lord can do!

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