July 28, 2008
5:43 a.m.
The phone ringing that early in the morning, is usually NEVER good news.

This time it was a call from a sister in our church who just wanted us to know that the Lord had laid us on her heart to pray and she wanted us to know that she was thinking of us.

We have had a lot of things happening in our lives lately ... a few prayers are needed, if you are so inclined.

Our children.

A certain unspoken request we need God to work a miracle.

We are going to sell our house. God knows how much we need out of it -- we live about 20 miles from town and the fuel costs are killing us! We found a home we would love to move into. 10 minutes from my job, and 15 from my husband's.

Stephen -- home school or public???

Me -- I have a job interview this Thursday at 1045 -- a promotion for me, but there is also another I recently applied for which is even higher. Need direction on this!!

My husband' s stepmother passed away this past weekend -- comfort for his dad and direction for this new season of his life.

My brother -- that God would get a hold of him.

Thanks -- my prayer is that the Lord would bless you for your support!!



I certainly will pray for all these concerns dear Michelle. Sending a lot of love and huggles your way to. Just e mail if you need to talk. i will be here.

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