September 10, 2007
Once again, please pray.
So much prayer .... but God is faithful and just and able to supply our every need.

Please pray for Amy Wilhoite. She is so very young - - yet so very strong.
Updated: Amy went to be with her Lord and Savior yesterday, 10 Sept. Please pray for her family. I can't imagine -- she was so young.

Pray for sweet little Mei-Ling who is still in the hospital. Again, so very, very young, yet with the strength of 10,000. Updated: 11 Sep -- heard she was being released today!!

Please pray for a brother in our church who is facing amputation. No blog -- Bro Eugene Newkirk. No news yet.

Also remember their families -- they need the comfort of the Almighty.

Small prayers -- pray for Sarai, she is in California on a business trip. And a small financial matter I need the Lord to keep His hand on! (But not where things would be late!) Clear as mud, huh? Updated: Less than an hour later. God answered this small prayer already! Thank you Jesus!

May the Lord bless you, keep you and grant you grace ...



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