August 18, 2007
Works of God Weekend

Please visit A Dusty Frame to join in Works of God Weekend this week -- see the Lord at work!

I have been TDY (temporary duty) for the past week to attend training for my employment. I am always apprehensive when I leave my family behind (and get on a plane!) --and I arrived back home yesterday evening. I had been spending quite a bit of time in prayer for each of my loved ones while away -- whenever they came to mind. My son has a part time job and gets off late. We were waiting for him to arrive home last night and he was late. He finally called and said, I need to talk to Dad. RED FLAG! RED FLAG! My husband gets dressed and heads out.

I just want to thank the Lord for His hand of protection for our son. If you saw the damage to the car, you would be very scared. We are thankful that he is okay, alive is a good word to use! It could have been so much worse.

Of course -- the cost of this is a huge factor -- but then when I thought about it. I have to be thankful it was MY car, and not his. My car has full coverage, his does not. I had some other dents on my car, so this will take care of all of them as well as the rest.

Instead of stressing, we are just thanking the Lord for His grace and thankful for all the prayers that went heavenward this week -- ahead of this situation and very much answered!!



I am so glad for the hedge of protection around him! The angels were working hard to keep him safe for sure! Amen for that!

Blogger A Dusty Frame said...

I'm so glad to hear that your son is ok!

Thanks for participating:)

Blogger Crystal said...

SO glad that he is okay!!! God is VERY good!-Crystal

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