August 18, 2007
200th Post and Giveaway!
In honor of my 200th Post -- I missed the 100th Special Post, but did do a 100 Things About Me. -- I decided to do a small giveaway. I really enjoyed the Dog Days of Summer Giveaway -- even if I didn't win -- I did win my purse and another @ 5 Minutes for Mom.

To enter, after reading my 100 things about me -- leave a comment with something Odd you learned about my family or myself. I can think of a few things that make us (me) unique.

So -- easy? I will draw winners on August18th in the evening time. I will most likely use the thingy. I am going TDY for my job all next week, I'll have my laptop, but to be honest I'm not sure if they will have internet service there or not.

After much debate -- and I couldn't find another tray, I decided to giveaway a book ( I love to read) and a Tupperware Coffee Mug. If you prefer not to receive one or the other -- just put that in your comment.

The book is from one of my top 10 authors. I really enjoy mysteries -- with something to do with the law or medical fields.

Presumed Guilty by James Scott Bell

and a Tupperware Insulated Commuter Mug in lovely Caribbean Blue. (And I can't find an image, so I need to go take one and will try and post later today!) It is this, but in Caribbean Blue.

(I will leave this up at the top of my posts through the 18th of August!)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 200th post!!!

What a fun giveaway! I have never heard of that book.

You have no middle name? That's interesting. My Dad who was born in 1930 did not have one either. He used to joke and tell us that he was born on wash day and Ma didn't have time to name him. lol

I enjoyed reading the 100 things about you! how cool to be born on Christmas, I think. Maybe not could ruin your birthday some! LOL! huggles!

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