July 31, 2007
A Special Giveaway and Ponderings

I found this give away this morning, courtesy of A Dusty Frame. Her paintings are beautiful!

I would love a watercolor of all my 3 kiddos -- now that would be awesome -- she also does Blog Designs and you can win that instead.

I ran out of time -- and did not get to do a drawing for my 100th post -- I did post my 100 Things About Me, and I saw that I was at 198 posts, so this is my 199th! I really need to do a giveaway for my 200th post .... but my struggle is in WHAT to do for the giveaway.

So -- my next post will be posted before Thankful Thursday (love that! it keeps me on track) and I will announce my giveaway.

Home front news: Mini got her stitches removed, and she bit. the. vet. again! Sigh! She never does that when I am with her -- but when they are alone with her -- makes you wonder? She has about 4 more weeks of healing, and this little typhoon is hard to keep contained. She does not put full weight on the leg, pretty much uses 3 legs to run and walk. When she does, she limps, so she just doesn't.

Josh is still sick, his neck still grossly swollen, even his face is swollen. He did come back positive for a different strain of strep -- so he was on antibiotics and that was a good thing. If he isn't much improved by Friday, I am taking him back. The doc wants to do blood work. Please drop a prayer heavenward for him.

Stephen started Band Camp -- and is wore out! Marching for 2 hours each morning when he is out of practice is not fun. He loves music though!

Sarai met a new friend at youth camp this week -- female -- and she is starting the process of moving out on her own. Scary for mom! Many decisions -- she needs to hear from God.

Joanna is 2 years old -- Happy Birthday Little One -- You are loved! I can remember seeing her head protruding from her mom's belly -- red and mad as you can get! Doctors taking her from her warm nest -- how could they? LOL! Time was flown.

Off to think and ponder some more about a giveaway ..... uuhhmmmmm

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Blogger Crystal said...

Hope Josh is doing better. I have been praying for him! :)

I am praying for Josh! Tell Mini to behave herself! Ha, yeah right! happy birthday to the little angel!

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