November 1, 2010
Stand for You ..
Another new recent favorite ... the Lord has been speaking to me through music much in the last few weeks.  We were able to see him in concert a couple of weeks ago too!   We have a few more to attend in the next two months. 

Life has seemed to be a long, perpetual, continuous trial ... thankfully I have the Lord to depend on, not sure how people do it who have no faith, no hope ...

I've recently been done wrong (at least to me) by Christians.  Ones who profess quite vocally  ... the sad part?  If I had not already had a walk with Jesus Christ, after recent events, I seriously doubt I would even desire to be one. What's worse, is that unbelievers have mentioned to me and asked me, how they can do that being a Christian.   We're human -- we're not perfect.  In a way now, I can "see" why some people are so turned off by "so-called Christians".  Definitely doesn't mean we have take the blows time and time again ... you don't have to take abuse from people without sticking  up for yourself.  You just have to take care of it in the right way.   Honesty is probably always best and bringing it out into the open...and letting them know.  What they do with it from there, is their problem.

Lord have mercy on my soul -- if I ever have that type of impact on someone ... its made me more aware of every word spoken or action taken ... 

Busy November -- hospital stay for Stephen, work trip to Texas, hopefully trip to Texas for wedding ... and lots of work due to losing two people in my section.  Oh, and its that time of year again -- total PET Scan on 15 November ... sigh.  In Jesus Name all will be clear.

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