October 16, 2010
You Are Not Alone

Kansas City been having something called "The Sound Movement" -- having a sound mind, body and spirit and have been giving concerts every week this month, we've been to 2 thus far -- Roy and I went to the first, Josh, Lexi, Sarai and I went to the 2nd -- in which this band played.  I like this type of music, love the song.
There was also a new group called Finding Favour --  and I wish now I grabbed the $5.00 CD -- I really enjoyed them.   Rush of Fools also played -- which Josh liked.

Tonight -- Switchfoot is playing, but I gave my tickets to Stephen, since Roy had to work and Sarai was sick. I will admit not knowing much about them.

Next up is Matthew West and then Tenth Avenue North.   Super excited, I love concerts and plays -- in person events like that.  Did I mention how cheap the tickets were?  That was the whole point -- it is an outreach to the community.  Thursday's show are love offering only.   Problem is I thought the shows were all on Thursdays -- well half of them are but the next two are not and Roy works.   I really do not want to go alone -- Josh wants to go to Tenth Avenue North but what about Matthew West, wanna go?  LOL  I've got the tickets already.  -0)

Downhere also has a great Christmas song called How Many Kings which they sang Thursday night -- went to get the CD at the Christian Book store today -- no luck.



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