January 1, 2009
Around the Web ... 2009

Happy New Year 2009!
I love a new start, a new year, but really each new day with the Lord gives us a brand new beginning. We don't a new year to have a change in our lives.

I am choosing a word this year along with Ali Edwards --and a host of others -- I've been a follower of Ali Edwards for years now -- love her scrapbook style, her ideas, and really her outlook on life. I'm debating on my word still .... I will decide by midnight tonight though!!
Found some cool links, I thought I would share, but really they are here on my blog, so they will be easy for me to find again.

In light of trying to avoid pre-packaged foods this year, as much as humanly possible -- here are 2 recipes for "Mix In The Pan” cakes using fresh from scratch ingredients.

"Mix In The Pan” Applesauce Cake After canning our own applesauce, this is perfect.

“Mix In The Pan” Chocolate Cake When you mix up one batch, go ahead and measure out the dry ingredients for another to have on hand for next time. Easy peazy.

Hot Cocoa Mix in the most simplest and cutest packaging I've seen so far. Great gift idea!

Cute, cute gift ideas ... good for birthdays too, not just Christmas.

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