August 16, 2008
"Thank God..."
I have been praying without ceasing since May, for a situation that we needed the Lord to work out. It's been a rough 3 months -- going back and forth between having faith and then the enemy working on me to doubt that the Lord was going to take care of it. It has affected my entire life these last months.

There is a young person in our church who felt to tell us something -- just a simple "God said it's going to be all right" When I doubted, I held on to that.

I have never felt that a child or younger person couldn't hear from God and/or have enough faith in God for him to work a miracle. My kids praying when they were younger and seeing my husband miraculously healed was proof enough for me!

The Lord showed us the other night that He definitely has His hand in it ... I immediately broke into tears of joy and relief! My son said simply "Thank God..."

Yes, Thank God!!!



God is so good isn't He?

Blogger Crystal said...

Amen! God is Faithful! God always comes in right on time!

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